I think that ride was the first time a tiny part of my brain acknowledged that something had changed. Because there he was. Just walking into my life. Wrecking it in his wake. Like a car crash. - THROAM [Vol.3, Book 1, Ch. 5]

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Dinah Jane + Oprah Dollars - Costa Mesa (5TACT)

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twenty one pilots at the APMA’s

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nno dallon cant have a crush on brendon no no no damn fucking fic

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Band members/music blog
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"Thank you guys very much for this, I’m gonna use this as another toilet paper roll yeah!" 

Brendon Urie is presented the first ever skully for Best Vocalist


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littleabigailchristine: brother killed it. #APMAs

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skins meme — [1/7] female characters.

               ↳Effy Stonem.

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Lady Gaga + Prints

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